Your marketing channel in the sports industry

By sponsoring our team you can:

  • Enhance your corporate image by associating your brand with that of Speed-One;
  • Increase the knowledge of your products and services in the target market;
  • Acquire new business contacts;
  • Generate unique business opportunities.

…Furthermore, technical sponsors will benefit from the opportunity of working with our team to test their technical products on the track



With its flexibility and a long calendar from April to September with different trophies, sponsoring a team that participates in the Italian Speed Cup means having excellent visibility opportunities that allow you to position your brand in front of an attentive and relevant target.

The championship attracts a wide-scale, heterogeneous and transversal audience from a socio-demographic point of view, at the same time, it is very uniform in its fan base as they all share the passion of motorcycling. The benefits for the sponsors are manifold: the opportunity to increase brand visibility, but also to use racing events as meeting events between sponsors and companies through the mechanism of corporate hospitality.


Your logo can be placed on the motorbike, the suit, on the helmet or even on the side of the Team’s official truck:

  • You can have a stand inside the pits in the racetrack
  • On the side panels of the truck
  • You could also set up displays in the box
  • You can place adesive logos on the bike, helmet, on the box panels, etc.

This type of advertising will promote your brand visibility across different channels including:

  • Full TV coverage on SKY Sport MotoGP HD, AutomotoTV and live streaming on Elevensport.it and facebook
  • Sector specific media coverage before, during, and after the event • over 40,000 spectators at each event
  • 400 registered drivers between CIV and matching trophies
  • Speed-One website
  • Speed-One social media on facebook and instagram


If you want to pamper important customers or entertain business discussions outside the office, the world of motor racing is the perfect environment for corporate hospitality. Motor racing is a high energy event providing a fantastic opportunity to create and strengthen bonds with your customers. But there is more! Depending on the sponsorship package you purchase, you may also be eligible to access the pits, the finishing grid, and the pilots, providing you and your guests unforgettable some moments. Our top sponsor packages include passes to access the paddock, the box and the starting grid as well as the opportunity to come with us to one of the events where you will be able to take a lap around the racing track with one of our pilots.

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